Traveling with us is easy

Reserve an Underground Villa® in just minutes.

Answers to common questions

How can I travel with you?

A phone call or email to one of our travel professionals gets the ball rolling towards your perfect stay.

Where are your destinations?

Our “Underground Villas” are located in 9 major destinations, including: Maui, Cabo, San Diego/La Jolla, Palm Springs, Scottsdale, Lake Tahoe, Park City, & New York City.

We also offer wonderful villas in a total of 75 iconic resort destinations. From Aspen to Davos, St. Barts to Cabo, Scottsdale to Kiawah, you’ll find us where travel and quality meet.

How are your villas serviced?

Underground Villas operates much like fine luxury hotels. Expect it all from your reservation agent to your on-the-ground concierge. We’re here to make it all happen, smoothly & seamlessly. It’s easy.

Can you help with flights and ground transportation?

We handle it all, from reserving your villa, your discounted flights and ground transportation, to setting up all your pre-arrival needs, such as pre-arrival grocery shopping, private chef booking, & much more.